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Jeep Believes Upcoming Models Will Improve Its Sales In Europe

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#Jeep has described its sales in Europe as “lousy” and hopes to see improvements this year with the launch of four new models.

In 2017, Jeep shifted 107,569 vehicles across Europe, just a 2 per cent gain over its 2016 figures. These sales were lower than expected, considering the all-new Compass was launched last year and was expected to boost sales more than it did.

Changes are afoot, however. Later this year, the revised Cherokee and Renegade will land on European shores and be joined shortly after by the all-new Wrangler.

The automaker hopes that the roll out of these new models will push its global sales towards the two million mark in the medium-term, a significant increase over the 1.4 million units it delivered in 2017.

Speaking to Autocar, Jeep’s European boss Jeff Hines said last year’s sales figures were “disappointing” and blamed delays in the Compass arriving in Europe. He says 2018 will be “the year of Jeep” in the Old Continent.

Jeep also expects to gain popularity in the UK. According to Hines, one of Jeep’s biggest challenges in cracking into the UK market is telling consumers that its vehicles are much more than just utilitarian 4x4s.

“What some customers may not realize is how the great dynamics and interior can make a Jeep a great daily driver that can fit all your needs,” he commented.


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