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Man Shoots Genius Commercial To Sell His 1996 Honda Accord, Raises Over $100k

This used, 21-year old Honda Accord is a car "for people who have life figured out, and just need to get somewhere".

The hilarious remark, along with the facts that "bug shield, rubber duckies, and tape converter are included", but not the cat and coffee pot, are all part of the clever way a man living in the States is helping his girlfriend turned fiancée sell her 1996 Honda Accord.

In less than a week since it was posted online, the 1+ minute long video has gone viral, as it gathered in excess of 3 million views, at the time of writing. The footage could compete with a new car commercial, as it shows the vehicle being driven along California's coastal roads, with even more clever remarks being made by the narrator.

In fact, the clip has proved to be so popular that it convinced tens of bidders to raise the price of the car from $499 to over $100,000, on eBay, in just a few days. Not bad for a 21-year old car with 2 owners and 141,095 miles (227,070km) on the clock that "drives like a dream", huh?

However, due to an error, eBay cancelled the original auction, so the man was forced to start all over.





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