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With only 100 made (plus another hundred roadsters and twenty BC coupes), the Pagani Huayra is a rare bird indeed – one highly coveted among supercar enthusiasts collectors.

Even in such exclusive company, however, this particular Huayra stands out as particularly tempting.

The first Huayra delivered to a customer in America, this seven-figure exotic is the only one finished in this shade of dark matte grey (Grigio Scuro Opaco, in the manufacturer's catalog) with a sumptuous beige leather interior.

As if that weren't enough to set it apart, it was also retrofitted with the optional Tempesta package that cut weight, added downforce, replaced the exhaust, and tightened the suspension – bringing it close to Huayra BC specifications (even if the 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine furnished by Mercedes-AMG didn't get the three-percent power boost from 720 horses to 740).

The Tempesta package alone cost the owner €183,000, the custom matched luggage another $20,000... all this on top of the seven-figure base price. No wonder that RM Sotheby's, which has been assigned to sell the beast at its upcoming sale in Monterey next month, figures it will go for a good $2.5 million – give or take $300k, or roughly the price of a new Ferrari.

Check it out in the gallery below by Robin Adams courtesy of RM Sotheby's, and try to resist the temptation of selling your own vital organs on the black market to scrape together enough cash to take it home with you from Pebble Beach.

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