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Twin-Turbo Dodge Viper Is An Animal In The Half Mile

Like the Ford GT, the Dodge Viper has been a favorite of drag racers and tuning companies for a number of years and when modified correctly, is capable of some truly extraordinary things.

Take this Viper for example. Equipped with a set of turbochargers, the car recently sprinted down the half mile at 229 mph (368 km/h), allegedly making it the fastest rear-wheel drive production car-based machine in the drag racing world.

To put that speed into perspective, it is only 21 mph slower than the out-right 250 mph half-mile record set by a boosted Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan a few months ago. Line this Viper up against a 1,500 hp Bugatti Veyron and it would storm away from the French hypercar without even breaking a sweat.




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