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While there are more exciting compact hatchbacks out there, Toyota's 2018 Auris 5-door is a fair piece of kit, as long as you're not looking to have any sort of fun behind the wheel.

A more inspiring drive is why you buy something like a Seat Leon or a Honda Civic. In fact, Carwow's Mat Watson reckons the 2018 Auris might lag behind, if not all, most of its rivals in terms of driving dynamics, even though it will still grip and do what's expected of it in the corners and on the motorway.

One issue he didn't want to gloss over was that of pricing, as once you get a top spec Auris (from £21,000), the car just doesn't retain it's competitive value anymore.

The reason why you'd want the top spec Business version is that it comes with things like an infotainment screen (easy to use, graphics not great), heated seats and so on, while the entry-level model doesn't even have Bluetooth.

Overall cabin quality is solid, like you'd expect from a Toyota. Storage is also good and there's plenty of room in the front and rear of the car, although things might get a bit tight in the rear if you've got three adults seated.

In the end, as long as you stay away from the less powerful engines and go for a well spec'd version, you should end up with a decent compact hatch. However, before deciding on a purchase, keep in mind that there's a brand new generation Auris coming out next year.


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