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Cheapest Porsche 911 In The US Going Strong After 1 Year Of Ownership

If you're a pragmatist and investing money into an old sports car with 243,000 miles (391,070 km) on the clock doesn't sound like fun, it's possible you haven't considered buying a Porsche.

Tyler Hoover bought his 1999 Porsche 911 for just $9,500 one year ago, just so he could prove that IMS bearing-related engine issues were greatly exaggerated when it came to these cars.

In fact, for six months his 911 carried on like a champ, until Hoover ignored a low oil pressure reading while out on the track, a mistake that proved fatal for the engine of the car.

What followed was an LS swap which saw the power unit from a 2006 Corvette become this 911's new beating heart, and while it cost a considerable amount of money, the swap proved successful and the car ended up feeling "just as civilized as it did before the engine failure."

Getting it done cost a whooping $17,000, nearly double the purchasing price of the car. While that will certainly turn some buyers off, enthusiasts might appreciate all the positives that resulted from having a 911 that runs great and is extremely well maintained.




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