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Ex-Car Flipper Says Porsche And Their Distribution Strategy Made Him Money

It’s probably the first time we get to hear an ex-car flipper talking about the days you could make tons of money out of thin air, exploiting a simple situation of more demand than supply.

Not everyone though is willing to pay a significant premium over sticker for their car, a strategy that’s been wildly popular among official dealers whenever a hot new model enters their show rooms but having independent brokers also exploiting the situation forced some companies like Porsche to take notice and try to put an end to it.

Legally these brokers did nothing wrong as they basically redistributed the cars to the region with the higher demand, for a premium of course, according to Doug Tabbutt who opened up in VinWiki’s video.

He was making money off selling allocations of all sorts of cars, including Range Rover Sports and Nissan GT-Rs (a ton of those according to Doug) but the real success came with the Porsche 911 GT3 RSs. To give you an idea, he managed to sell his first one for over $40,000 its original sticker price.

Porsche started questioning who was that guy who had just secured 15 out of the 400 US-spec GT3 RS models and eventually returned most of his deposits.




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