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Heads Or Tails? Fiat 500 Gets Its Face Stamped On A Silver Coin

Since it has no successor to its 500 yet, Fiat continues to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original model by releasing a silver coin made by the Italian State Mint.

Designed by master engraver Claudia Momoni, it was unveiled by the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance, and it has a €5 ($6) face value.

It depicts the 1957 Fiat 500, along with the current generation in perspective on one side, surrounded by the words 'Republica Italiana', while on the other side it shows the profile of the classic car, with the dates 1957 and 2017 engraved.

Only 4,000 examples of the anniversary coin will be available, and each one can be ordered from the 'Istituto del Poligrafico e della Zecca', for €40 ($47).

Fiat has really went the extra mile when it comes to celebrating the 60th birthday of the 500, as this follows the introduction of a commemorative stamp, launched by the Italian Post Office a few months ago.

Moreover, the automaker continues to constantly release special and limited edition versions of the 500, which are meant to keep consumers interested in it until its successor arrives, probably after 2019.


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