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Ford Escort RS2000 Is Not Your Average Delivery Van

Remember when the Ford Escort was still a thing, especially in RS2000 specification?

Well, this particular example doesn’t follow the usual pattern, as it's an Mk2 delivery van that was stripped and rebuilt to the RS2000 specification, using parts from a donor car.

The work took approximately 3 years, during which the car received a modified 2.1 Pinto engine with motorbike carburetors and a short shift gearbox, in addition to the specific exterior and interior details, including the Minilite alloy wheels, chrome-bullet side mirrors, and black RS seats.

As a final touch, this Ford Escort was finished in Modena Green, and by the time the restoration and upgrade was completed, it ate more than £40,000 ($52,816).

Since then, it has been kept in storage, but it's now coming out to visit the ClassicCarAuctions sale, on December 2, where it will try to attract a new owner.

Despite the small fortune invested into it, the Escort is expected to fetch between £12,000 and £15,000 ($15,845-$19,806), so it can actually be considered a bargain. But would you be willing to spend that much on it?




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