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Honda Debuts Weird And Wacky Mobility Concepts In Tokyo

Beyond introducing the eye-catching Sports EV Concept in Tokyo, Honda has brought with it a host of intriguing mobility concepts which offer a look at how we may move around in the future.

Pictured in order below, the first of these creations is the Honda Fure Mobi Concept. The product has been designed for indoor and outdoor use and is incredibly small, featuring a comfortable seat, four wheels and not much else. Interestingly, there is a small platform and backrest behind the seat where a second passenger can stand.

Another curious creation from Honda is the RoboCas Concept. The intriguing, three-wheel product isn’t really a vehicle and is instead an electrified stand designed “to make people’s dreams and ideas come true.” We can imagine it being perfect for someone looking to open up an orange juice or ice cream stand.

Elsewhere, Honda is displaying the Chair-Mobi Concept in Tokyo. Similar to the Fure Mobi Concept, it is a single-seat vehicle perfect for those too lazy to walk. It’s as if it’s come directly off the set of WALL-E.

Last but not least is the le-Mobi Concept, the only creation that somewhat resembles a car. The vehicle is all-electric and can receive juice from a home or alternatively, actually provide power to a house. We can’t imagine it passing any kind of safety or crash regulations but it, like the other concepts, is rather interesting.




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