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Is Dodge's Widebody Challenger Hellcat Better Than The Normal Hellcat?

The third-generation Dodge Challenger is almost a decade old but it continues to sell well, predominantly thanks to the 2015 launch of the SRT Hellcat and this year’s introduction of the Demon.

Eager to keep the Challenger fresh and appealing, Dodge also unveiled the Hellcat Widebody a few months ago, looking even better than the standard car. However, does the addition of flared fenders and wider wheels make much difference to the driving experience?

According to Redline Reviews, they do. Most significantly, the fitment of wide arches has allowed Dodge to install 20x11-inch aluminum wheels with 305/35 Pirelli P Zero tires, giving the muscle car a decent amount of grip.

However, one shouldn’t think the Hellcat Widebody is even remotely tame or easy to drive. Putting all 707-raging horsepower to the ground is near impossible without spinning the wheels. Additionally, the car is so wide that’s difficult to drive and place on tight roads.

Will customers care about these drawbacks? Definitely not and we expect the car to sell in droves.




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