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Mercedes' "King Of The City Jungle" Spot Is All Types Of Awesome

Since the lion is the so-called king of the jungle, leave it to Mercedes-Benz to find a way to use that notion to their benefit in this latest 2018 S-Class spot.

While the action doesn't take place in Narnia, or any other fantasy-based realm, we're still being presented with a Human-Lion hybrid, who's obviously a very stressed out executive in the city.

We won't ruin the action for you, except to say that the CGI is really impressive. Not perfect like in a high-budget Hollywood production, but the expressiveness of the Lion should definitely put a smile on your face...especially if you're a "cat" person.

In the end, the spot is basically about the 2018 S-Class' ENERGIZING Comfort feature, an industry-first, according to Mercedes-Benz. This system links multiple comfort features (climate control, heating, lighting and so on) in order to give the driver a bespoke "wellness" experience.

While behind the wheel of the car, you can actually set up the mood to whatever suits you at that particular moment. You can even mix it up and listen to music that soothes. Is it enough to calm you down after a stressful day at work? Mercedes says yes.

We just hope that S-Class is a company car and the lion isn't paying any monthly fees for it. He's under enough pressure as it is.




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