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Is The Volkswagen T-Roc As Good As They Say?

Volkswagen is squeezing every last drop it can get from its MQB platform, which underpins a variety of vehicles made under the Group's umbrella.

The latest one to benefit from this architecture is the T-Roc, the brand's new entry-level SUV that slots under the Tiguan.

It has a rather sporty and muscular styling with prominent wheel arches and contrasting plastic cladding backed up by an adjustable four-wheel drive system that should get users through some harsh terrains, on paper at least.

However, in the real world, AutoExpress found that the Volkswagen T-Roc drives very similar to a Golf. Now, that's not necessarily bad, because we're still talking about one the most popular compact cars ever made. However, you'll find better upper dashboard and door panels plastics in the smaller and cheaper Polo.

Now, you might believe that by doing this, VW has made the T-Roc very affordable, but you'll be wrong, because the most basic model can be had from £20,495 in the United Kingdom, and it goes all the way up to £31,485. This equals to $27,226 and $41,826, respectively, at the current exchange rates.

The entry-level Nissan Qashqai, otherwise known as the Rogue Sport in North America, starts from £19,295 ($25,632) in Europe's largest right-hand drive market, so which one would you rather have?




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