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The Takata airbag saga is far from over, with Mitsubishi being the latest victim - again.

The automaker's North American arm has issued a recall for more than 66,000 units of the 2004-2006 Lancer and Lancer Evolution, as well as the 2004 Lancer Sportback.

This batch was already called back some two years ago for similar problems, but the cars were apparently fitted with identical parts, supplied by Takata.

These continue to use ammonium nitrate that can lead to "overly aggressive combustion" if exposed to moisture over long periods of time. What Mitsubishi is trying to say here is that the parts could explode with excessive force and spread shrapnel throughout the cabin, in the event of a crash.

Owners of the aforementioned Mitsubishi Lancers will be notified of the current safety campaign starting on October 22. Subsequently, technicians will replace the airbag inflators, on the front passenger-sides, with new ones that do not contain ammonium nitrate, free of charge.


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