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Novitec's Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Has Carbon Extras And 709BHP

Novitec Rosso has injected the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T with an additional 99PS (98hp) and 122Nm (90lb-ft) of torque, by applying two plug-and-play modules, adapted to the engine control unit.

This means that its 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that normally makes 610PS (602hp) and 760Nm (560lb-ft) of torque is now good for 709PS (699hp) and 882Nm (651lb-ft) of torque.

The supercar now takes just 3.2sec from 0 to 100km/h (62mph), an 0.3sec improvement, and top speed stands at in excess of 325km/h (202mph), or over 5km/h (3mph) more than the stock model.

The tuner claims that their upgraded Ferrari GTC4Lusso T also benefits from improved aerodynamics, courtesy of two spoilers and central blade attached to the front bumper, roof and rear spoilers, rocker panels, and carbon covers for the side mirrors.

Moreover, the Italian supercar sits 35mm (1.38in) closer to the ground after getting new sport springs, and its exterior stance is highlighted furthermore with a set of 9x21- and 12x22-inch front and rear wheels, shod in 255/30 and 315/25 tires, respectively.

As a final touch, Novitec could fit your GTC4Lusso T with a high-performance exhaust system. Available for all models of the supercar, they are made from Inconel, and save weight besides offering a sportier exhaust note, as the video posted below proves.





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