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Vintage Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Turned Into An LS7-Powered Sleeper

While picking an old Rolls for your next sleeper project might not be the most undercover option available, you have to admit that the end result is beyond cool.

This is the latest Derelict project that came out of Icon, the company that specializes in turning old FJs and Broncos into masterpieces. The core idea is to find a car with the right patina and turn it into a modern performer without restoring the exterior look of it.

Jonathan Ward took this 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and basically installed a brand new chassis with coilover suspension, big Brembo brakes, modern electronics and an LS7 crate engine.

The car is then pieced together again, with all of Icon’s work carefully hidden for maximum sleeper status. It’s a brilliant concept that manages to keep all the fun without being too shouty. It also allows the owner to enjoy it as it is without worrying for things like scratching the paint and so on.

The interior on the other hand was fully restored, including all wood inlays and leather upholstery while the addition of a modern air-condition system makes it easier for daily commuting.

Jay Leno takes us for a tour around and under Icon’s beautiful Silver Cloud, with Ward providing all the juicy details.




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