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Nautiluz Creation specializes in aftermarket sound systems, which are taken to the extremes every once in a while, for show reasons.

However, their BMW X5 project will probably make you raise your eyebrows in disbelief, because after it was fitted with plenty of speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers, it had its front and rear doors joined together.

You might think that this is where the company drew the line, but you would be wrong, as the SUV then had its rear end chopped off, and another X5, from the same E53 generation, donated its posterior, which was carefully welded to the show car.

It's hard to say whether the third rear axle is connected to the gearbox, or if it's there simply for parade purposes, but it contributes to the vehicle's unique stance furthermore.

So, what do you do to a stretched BMW X5 when your specialty is high-end audio systems? Why, you add even more speakers, of course.

Now, this BMW X5 won't win any battles with the Mercedes G63 6x6 or Kahn's Flying Huntsman 6x6 on challenging terrains, but it's bound to steal the show at various events.


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