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As far as we’re concerned, the world cannot have too many single-seat supercars. As a result, we’d absolutely love to this concept become a reality.

Created by Behance artist Ahmed Ghamloush, the car has simply been dubbed the Racer Fourteen and features a central driving position like the BAC Mono but bodywork straight out of a science fiction film.

Overall, the car somewhat reminds us of the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo concept and utilizes similarly-bold wheel arches and a flat hood. At the front, there are also LED headlights and a large splitter sitting just a couple of centimeters off the ground.

The sides of the Racer Fourteen also look particularly sleek with small air intakes and prominent skirts. Last but not least is the rear, adorned with a downforce-generating rear diffuser, simple taillights and a pair of small antennas.

Although we won’t see this exact car hit the streets, we hope that supercars and track-focused sports cars like this will continue to exist well into the future.


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