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West Coast Customs Dresses Porsche Cayman With A 356 Body

West Coast Customs visited Jay Leno with their latest build, a custom Porsche Cayman, dressed with the body of the classic 356.

Before you Porsche purists start taking out the pitchforks, learn that WCC used a pretty beat-up 356 body in order to create their latest project. Of course it wasn’t as simple as it sounds, as the vintage body had to be widened in order to fit on the Cayman underpinnings, with WCC using steel to do all the metalwork.

But that was only the start. Then they had to create a custom windscreen in order to fit the new width, as well as many other components while the rear engine lid now revealing the trunk, since the Cayman underneath is mid-engined.

The car looks very nicely done, with tight and consistent shut lines throughout the body and all the modern amenities that came with the Cayman hardware. It even has a removable hard top, making it even more versatile.

Find out more about this beautiful build on the video below.




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