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Daihatsu's Tokyo Concepts Blend Retro And Futuristic

Daihatsu is the latest Japanese automaker to reveal its lineup for this year's Tokyo Motor Show, headlined by two completely new concepts to show the way forward for the small-car specialists.

The pretty little red job pictured above is called the DN Compagno, reviving the spirit of the Vignale-designed model line Daihatsu produced in the 1960s and powered by a 1.0-liter turbocharged engine (though Daihatsu envisions fitting a 1.2-liter hybrid in there just the same).

The new concept takes the form of a rakish four-door coupe, with bright metallic trim from the side sills to the roof rails to blend the modern with the classic. Interior space prioritizes the front passengers, but the rear seats get their own doors as well – not unlike the Mazda RX-8, we'd surmise, but with more conventional portals.

It's joined by the DN Pro Cargo, which reaches back even further to the 1957 Midget for inspiration and takes the form of a compact commercial van. Looking like something out of a Pixar movie, it packs tiny wheels and small footprint, but enough room inside for an adult to stand up straight – as long as said adult is no taller than 5'3", which is more than the average woman in Japan.

Along with the new DN Compagno and DN Pro Cargo, Daihatsu has also refreshed a handful of other recent concepts for the Tokyo show, including the DN U-Space, DN Trek, and DN Multisix. Visitors can also expect to find on display examples of production Daihatsus like the Copen, Hijet, Boon, Move, and Tanto.

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