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A Honda NSX Was Left For Dead In A Russian Forest!

Of all the cars you could find abandoned in a forest, an original NSX isn’t going to be one of them unless you happen to live near St. Petersburg, Russia.

The car was apparently left for many years in this forest as it was found covered with moss and mold. Why would someone ditch a rare sportscar like this remains a mystery but the good news is that the poor NSX has already been bought from its previous owner and extracted to a safer environment. It has no engine according to Xander1 who shared the story on Russian Drive2.

The specific NSX was offered for sale about seven or eight years ago for less than a million rubles (about $17k) but that’s where the story ends as there’s no information to what happened to it later.

NSXs were never a common sight, especially in Russia where it’s believed that there are less than twenty examples in the specific region.

The new owner gave the 1992 NSX a good wash to remove all the nasty forest-related stuff and then parked it in a garage in St. Petersburg. Whether he’ll restore it back to its former glory or sell it to someone who will, it remains to be seen but we sincerely hope to see it proudly moving under its own power and staying away from forests.




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