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BMW M2 Looks The Part With Bolder Aero Kit

For a touch over $50,000 in the U.S., the BMW M2 represents extraordinary value and with a few aftermarket parts, can be made to look even better than the M4.

This particular M2, recently delivered by BMW Abu Dhabi Motors, has been outfitted with a 3D Design bodykit that adds a selection of carbon fiber elements which wouldn’t be out of place in the M Performance Parts catalog.

Up front, the car includes a carbon fiber front splitter and a set of small canards on either side of the bumper. Elsewhere, 3D Design has created carbon side skirt trimmings while the rear is dominated by a large fixed rear wing, a carbon fiber diffuser and a new exhaust system. When complemented by the Long Beach Blue exterior paint, this is certainly one of the most attractive M2s we’ve seen.

The magic doesn’t stop on the outside. In the cabin, black leather has been contrasted by bright blue stitching and a plethora of carbon fiber parts.




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