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After teasing us with their take on the new BMW 5-Series a few months back, Japanese tuner 3D Design has finally unveiled their exterior aero package for the 7th-gen saloon.

When it comes to looks, 3D Design has put together custom side skirts, a new front lip spoiler, a rear diffuser, a trunk lid spoiler and a roof spoiler. Other mods include a custom exhaust system and bespoke pedals.

Starting with the front lip spoiler, it can only be attached to car's M-Sport bumper, which in a way makes sense since the goal was to achieve a more aggressive exterior appearance.

Same goes with the skirts, as they need to attach to the M-Sport side sills, as does the rear diffuser, which goes together with the M-Sport rear bumper - although this mod might negate the car's hands-free tailgate opening function.

On the other hand, the trunk lid spoiler can be attached to the trunk of any G30 5-Series, much like the roof spoiler. Also, if you happen to own the G31 Touring model, you can still add 3D Design's front lip spoiler and side skirts, but again, you need an M-Sport kit to start with.


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