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PSA Group Announces Expansion Of Car Sharing Service

PSA Group has announced new details about its Push to Pass strategic plan, confirming that it will push into the car-sharing market and offer online car sales.

At a Mobility Talks event held in France, PSA Group revealed that its Free2Move mobility brand will play an important role in its future. As it stands, the app already has over 450,000 users and provides options to rent a bicycle, scooter or other vehicles across Europe and most recently, also in Seattle.

To further its presence in the mobility industry, PSA Group has formed a partnership with Huawei to create a new digital platform dubbed Connected Vehicle Modular Platform (CVMP). This technology will ensure digital interactions between the car and the cloud are managed securely.

Additionally, the platform will eventually offer remote on-demand car diagnostics and remote-control solutions including battery charging and pre-heating. Furthermore, over-the-air software updates will be made available.

In terms of online car sales, PSA Group has made the decision on the back of growing consumer demand to purchase vehicles online. PSA’s system will allow customers to configure a model, set up a financing plan, estimate the trade-in value of their old car and select a date to take delivery of their new vehicle.




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