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This Volvo Concept Will Take Care Of You While Driving

The car of the future won’t just be emissions-free, fully-autonomous and extremely safe. It will also be able to take care of the people onboard.

Numerous automakers have started experimenting with vehicles that can monitor and improve your health, including Hyundai. Taking inspiration from this slowly-emerging trend, artist Maximilian Troicher has created what he dubs the Volvo Care Concept.

The Care Concept has been designed as a small two-door city car which Volvo could create to care for its employees. As such, the interior of the concept has been designed to cater for the individual needs of the user.

For example, the cabin aims to offer active driving experiences, physical relaxation, and infotainment systems. Users could, therefore, alter their experience within the car depending on whether they want to do the driving themselves or would rather give the car complete control and enjoy the journey from the comfortable passenger seat.

The exterior of the design mimics the vehicle’s caring personality, incorporating a large windscreen that stretches from the roof right to the top of the front bumper.




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