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Three Dodge Demons Destroyed After Delivery Truck Catches Fire

Three Dodge Challenger Demons have been burnt to a crisp after a delivery truck caught fire in Michigan.

The story first emerged in a now-deleted thread on the Hellcat forums and initially, an alleged employee of Reliable Carriers, the transport company involved in the delivery process, said an electrical issue with one of the Demons sparked the inferno. However, Reliable Carriers has since asserted this person has never worked for them.

Either way, images from the scene show that all three muscle cars have been left devastated by the blaze.

Taking to the aforementioned forum, a member states that he was contacted directly by Dodge chief executive Tim Kuniskis to inform him that his Demon was one of the three destroyed. Fortunately, Kuniskis confirmed that three new models will be built, each with a lower VIN number than originally allocated.

Contrary to claims that one of the Demons sparked the fire, Kuniskis said that it was an issue with the car transporter that initiated the blaze.




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