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Watch A BMW 7-Series Hacked Back From The Dead

Knowing how expensive it can be to repair badly damaged cars, most insurance company’s write-off a car before sending it to a body shop, even if the car has a tiny crack in the frame.

However, there are some cars on the streets which have been crushed and crumpled yet somehow repaired to look brand new. Being well-versed with a hammer and not much else when it comes to working on a car, we’ve always wondered what it takes to perform such a repair. The video below shows just that.

Posted online by a man named Arthur Tussik, this 20-minute video details the 27-day repair of a BMW 7-Series that came into his shop with extreme damage to the front and side.

Throughout the clip, we see Tussik restore life to the 7-Series like a brain surgeon in an operating theater. From straightening out the BMW’s crash structure and somehow re-shaping the crumpled body, Tussik literally gives this 7-Series a new lease on life.

Inevitably, the repaired car isn’t as structurally sound as a new car so we wouldn’t recommend purchasing a vehicle that’s suffered so much damage in a previous life. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see what decades of experience of auto body repair can do.




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