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Bugatti Chiron 'Number One' Has A '66 Batmobile Vibe

Another Bugatti Chiron is trying to find a new home, and this time, it's legit.

It also seems the person who ordered the car must have been a fan of George Barris' work on the 1966 Batmobile - not that it's a bad thing, as the red accents nicely contrast the murdered-out body on this example.

Registered for the RMSothebys auction in New York City, on December 6, it's the first one ordered for the US market, hence its 'Number One' tag, and it's estimated to sell for $3.5-$4 million.

From the time its assembly was completed in Molsheim, France, it has only been driven for 250 miles (402km), for pure testing purposes, and it hasn’t even been registered for road-use in the United States, which is why is condition is described as "new" by the auction house.

Finished in black, with red accents both inside and out, this sinister-looking Bugatti Chiron craves to make its new owner happy every time it will leave the garage, hoping to unleash its 1,479hp (1,500PS) and 1,180lb-ft (1,600Nm) of torque from the stable.

Offered alongside the hypercar to the winning bidder are a number of accessories, such as the 1:8 scale model of this exact unit, aluminum Bugatti crate that contains a leather box with an extra key, speed key, flash drive, car cover, trickle charger, and owner's manuals and reference guide.

So, unless you've already bought a Bugatti Chiron of your own, or lack the necessary funds to do so, what's your excuse for not doing it already?




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