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You Can Buy This Tank-Converted Volvo V70

After it created a lot of controversy and put a smile on our faces when it first appeared online a few weeks ago, the Volvo V70 turned into a tank is now offered for sale.

The ad posted on eBay gives offers an insight into the weird conversion, which was apparently made for a charity run on the five best driving roads in the Alps, where it fetched the golden medal.

Bidding started at £300 ($397), and at the time of writing, 18 bidders have raised the price to £2,200 ($2,912). There's no reserve set on this old Volvo estate, but the vendor does want to raise as much money as possible, saying that all proceeds will be donated to the Ben Charity.

So what else should you know about this V70? Well, it rolled off the assembly line back in 2000, and it's powered by a petrol engine, married to a stick shift. According to the little info provided in the ad, it "drives extremely well with everything working", and it's no wonder, because these old Volvos are literally built like tanks.




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