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BMW Expanding Large Vehicle Range To Fund EV Future

BMW says its impending fleet of new large vehicles will help to fund its future of electrified and autonomous technologies.

Speaking to Autocar, BMW sales and marketing boss Ian Robertson said the greater profit margins of large vehicles form part of a long-term strategy from the carmaker to propel it to the forefront of the industry.

“We are intent on expanding our footprint in the luxury segment. We see it as a growth engine, and an ability to be more profitable.

“We need to generate new ideas for the business model, as we go through the transition to a technology business from a car company. It requires investment. Expanding the luxury segment is key to this strategy,” Robertson said.

Two of the new large vehicles just around the corner from BMW are the 8-Series and X7. Both will hit the market in the next couple of years and provide the brand with invaluable funds.

Things won’t stop there, however. Robertson has confirmed that BMW has trademarked names between iX1 and iX9 as well as X1 to X9, suggesting that a number of other large vehicles are in BMW’s future plans, particularly new SUVs.

BMW intends on launching 25 electrified vehicles by 2025, 12 of them which will be fully-electric.




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