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Rolls-Royce Dealership Hosts £38,000 Elysium-R High-Tech Chair

Dubbed the world's most advanced chair, the Elysium-R will be on display at Rolls-Royce's London dealership until January 19th, parked next to the all-new Phantom.

What makes the Elysium-R so advanced is the fact that it neutralizes gravity, implementing flotation theory, all for the price of £38,000 ($51,456).

It features near-black pure aniline leather, a black chrome-plated stainless steel base, an almond gold frame and gel-filled armrests, and only 18 units will be made available worldwide for sale.

Its gel-filled armrests supposedly mimic the quality of human skin, but if overall quality is second to technology in your book, then consider that the Elysium-R's unique flotation mechanism is derived from years of research into human kinetics, allowing users to move silently in zero-gravity conditions.

The technology that controls the chair's movements actually comes from a mathematical model written by its designer and founder, Dr David Wickett. Once you sit in it, you can manipulate it into your ideal position by simply shifting your weight around, similar to how a rider can gently alter the path of his motorcycle.

There are also a few health benefits to consider, such as improved blood circulation, less demand placed on the heart and reduced back muscle activity.

"It's a true honor to have Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London hosting the launch of Elysium-R - a product we're incredibly excited about. This is without question the most elegant version of Elysium we have made, but with the same unprecedented and remarkable levels of comfort as the standard model," stated Wickett.




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