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First Images Of New McLaren Senna Track-Focused Hypercar

Images have just leaked online which show McLaren’s recently-announced P15 hypercar, officially dubbed the McLaren Senna.

Set to premiere in full in just a couple of hours, the McLaren Senna is the latest model in the Ultimate Series family of models. Reports claim that the Senna will be powered by an upgraded version of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 of the 720S, outfitted with bespoke internals and new turbochargers. It should deliver roughly 789 hp.

Underpinning the Senna will be McLaren’s Monocage II carbon fiber tub, ensuring that the hypercar weighs less than 1,300 kg. This should result in a power-to-weight ratio that easily eclipses that of the hybrid P1.

These leaked images showcase the hypercar’s curious design. Up front, it takes obvious design inspiration from the 720S, with similar headlights but a more pronounced splitter. Elsewhere, we can see that the P15 has transparent panels in the doors, a glass canopy and a small roof scoop. Additionally, there is a towering rear wing with swan neck uprights and a set of center-locking wheels. Odd is an understatement.

Just 500 units of the McLaren Senna are apparently scheduled for production.

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