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Liberty Walk Acura NSX Is A Hit With Pedestrians In Las Vegas

There may be a greater range of supercars on the market than ever before, but that doesn’t mean the allure of exotics has faded in recent times. In fact, the complete opposite is true.

As supercar owners continually try to out-do one another, the world of aftermarket tuning has exploded, particularly for vehicles that cost as much as a house. Of all the tuners, few are better known for wild creations than Liberty Walk.

Eager to see how the public reacts to an Acura NSX outfitted with a Liberty Walk widebody kit and towering rear wing, the Japanese tuner took to the streets of Las Vegas to capture the expressions of locals and visitors in the party city.

In standard guise, the new NSX is quite a head-turner. However, this Liberty Walk example takes things to entirely new extremes.

Sadly, it seems evident that driveability has been sacrificed in favor of aesthetics.




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