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Porsche Mission E Prototype Spotted Testing In -20 Celsius

Before its 2019 estimated arrival date comes about, the Porsche Mission E still has a lot of testing left to do, this time traveling to Sweden for some cold weather action.

Porsche is aiming the Mission E directly at the Model S, and we even saw some earlier prototypes testing alongside Tesla models, not to mention doing high-speed runs on the Nurburgring back in October.

Speaking of which, this prototype looks just like the one we saw at the Ring, wearing light yet efficient camouflage, plus a set of fake exhaust pipes - make no mistake, this is a fully-electric car.

In fact, we're expecting over 600 PS coming from its electric motors, propelling you to 200 km/h (124 mph) in just 12 seconds. Porsche is also claiming that you'll be able to do more than 531 km (330 miles) in-between charges, which should take just 15 minutes if you're happy with an 80% fill-up.

Just like its American rival, the Porsche Mission E should also bring Level 4 autonomous driving to the table, with over-the-air updates, making ownership that much easier.

In the end, the production-ready Mission E will probably look like a toned-down version of the concept that broke cover at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. It's definitely missing the concept's massive wheel arches, has a more traditional bonnet and regular doors.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops




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  1. I would doubt they would change the auto show car much. I also note that it can recharges more than twice as fast as Tesla vehicles - at 350KW versus Tesla's 140KW. It sriving range is also greater than the Model S as well, although with faster recharge times, you don't need as much driving range.
    There will be at least three price levels, including high performance levels for the Missione, which has yet to be given a name.


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