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Road Rage Incident Turns Violent When Guy Gets Sucker Punched

There's nothing more despicable during a confrontation than hitting somebody when they're not looking, though as you're about to see, this confrontation got pretty low anyway.

We're not exactly sure what started the incident.  What we see in the video is the dashcam car driving up to this intersection in Adelaide, Australia, with the two men are already out of their cars arguing about something.

As soon as the passenger of the white Subaru Impreza gets involved, a sucker punch is thrown by the guy in the black t-shirt and then it all goes South.

Of course, we wouldn't exactly call this a fight, not with a straight face anyway. It's more of an arm flailing competition where some hits appear to land, though probably not with a lot of momentum.

Unfortunately, the dashcam car drove off before we could see how it all ended. We hope the passenger of the Impreza went on to break up the fight without getting in on the action, because two against one is just as unsportsmanlike as throwing a sucker punch.




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