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Suzuki Celerio, Hyundai i10 Or VW Up!: Which City Car Would You Go For?

City cars often offer exactly what you pay for in terms of design, comfort, interior space and engines, but where do three of the most popular models stand?

To answer this question, CarWow took the Suzuki Celerio, Hyundai i10, and Volkswagen Up! out for a test, the results of which may come as a surprise to some of you.

Okay, it may not be the most exciting video, but it's definitely worth a look, considering their affordability. The Celerio starts at £7,500 ($10,037) in the United Kingdom, followed by the i10 at under £9,000 ($12,045) and Up!, at over £9,000 ($12,045), so the first one definitely wins the budget segment.

However, the Suzuki is not the most exciting car of the three, with a dull exterior design and a very cheap interior. Still, it beats the other two with good legroom at the back.

The i10, on the other hand, has best in-car storage, but it pales next to the Up!, whose interior is nice and airy, and comes with a system that turns the user's phone into an infotainment system. Boot space is nearly the same in all three cars, with extra points going to Volkswagen, again, for the adjustable floor.

Overtaking another vehicle on the motorway will take quite some time in all three cars, but Volkswagen's Up! does come with a turbocharged engine on request, though, having a turbo will significantly affect your fuel economy, so you'd better give that a second thought.

It appears that the German city car is the best here, but is it enough to make you want one, or would you rather make a fashion statement with the Fiat 500? Don't forget that the larger and more practical Dacia Sandero falls into the same price range too.




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