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Tesla Model X vs Toyota Land Cruiser Tug Of War: Who Wins?

Now that it's not about 0-60 or 1/4 mile times, let's see if the Tesla Model X is so smart when it comes to showing some old fashioned toughness.

Its opponent here is the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser, which won't be setting any speed records any time soon, yet carries with it a very rich heritage as an extremely capable off-roader.

To make matters worse for the Tesla, the Land Cruiser is actually the lighter car here and the road surface is slippery - perhaps too slippery for the Model X to put down all that power and instant torque.

Speaking of slippery, according to the video's description, the entire thing started when the owner of the Toyota claimed that his studless tires were better for these conditions. Granted, it would have been more exciting if they just wanted to see which car was "tougher", but we'll take any excuse to watch a Land Cruiser prove its mettle against what certain people in the off-roading community consider to be an iPad on wheels.

Jokes aside, the Toyota entered this fight as an underdog, so, how well do you figure it did?




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