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The Grand Tour Season 2 Ep 4 Trailer Oozes Unscripted Action

The fourth episode of The Grand Tour's second season will, for the very first time, feature no pre-arranged locations, stunts or incidents. Question is, will we laugh as much?

We're just two days away from finding out what a high-budget car show without a script actually looks like. To kick things off, Clarkson, Hammond and May will arrive in Croatia with an Audi TT RS, an Ariel Nomad and a Fire Engine.

Meanwhile, back at the Eboladrome, Hammond will get behind the wheel of the McLaren 720S and experience its Internet-breaking hypercar-like performance.

As for the Celebrity Face Off segment, this week it will be Michael Ball versus Alfie Boe. The Grand Tour is hoping to see who is the world's fastest classical singer with a connection to the British motor industry.

"I've got to say I didn't think I'd enjoy it that much, but I had the best morning ever," said Ball. "I went for it and I just hope I've beaten Alfie, that's all I'm hoping for! I was very very competitive. I don't think I've won, but if I have I won't gloat or ever mention it ever again."

Meanwhile, Boe stated that despite tricky conditions (wet, muddy, foggy), he still had an amazing time behind the wheel.

"I do want to beat Michael, I want to have done well and at least be credible and if Michael has beaten me than fair play, he's a good guy and I'd be thrilled for him, but deep down inside I'd be a little disappointed in myself."




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