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The Grand Tour Season 2 Montage Is Better Than Any Trailer Yet

If you're really looking forward to this latest season of The Grand Tour and the trailer hasn't provided you with enough eye candy, this montage will go above and beyond in doing that.

There have been plenty of laughs as well as some very spectacular footage even before The Grand Tour's second season kicked off last Friday. Yet, those of you who saw the first episode, also caught this latest action-packed montage, which actually has us really looking forward to what should come next.

Spoiler alert: it looks like the lads are having more fun while driving faster and more spectacular cars than they have during the first season.

They will also be attempting plenty of stunts and we'll even get some of their famous races, where they try to beat some type of challenger (motorized or otherwise) from reaching a specific destination before they do.

Episode 2 is scheduled to air this Friday, December 15 on Amazon Video, and will feature the Mercedes-AMG GT R as well as the all-new Ford GT.




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