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The Valet's Bringing Your BMW M3 Around Now, Mr The Frog

We've seen Kermit the Frog driving all sorts of cars: a beat up old Studebaker, a psychedelic school buses, even a Chevy Volt (in the latest TV series).

But at this point in his long and distinguished career, the world's favorite amphibian could probably afford something a little higher-end. Something like this BMW M3, for example.

On display now at Abu Dhabi Motors – the world's largest BMW showroom – this M3 sedan has been special-ordered from the Individual catalog in a bright shade of Verde Mantis that only a frog could love. And the interior accents have been done to match.

It's a color you might sooner expect to find on, say, a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Mercedes-AMG GT R. But here it is on a Bimmer, lest it somehow otherwise go unnoticed, what with the upsized alloys and the aggressive-looking aero package.

Not your cup of tea? The M3 (in the United States at least) typically comes in either of two shades of white, silver, grey, black, blue, orange, or yellow. BMW Individual offers another four shades as part of its usual palette, but will do one up for you in just about any color you want... and some you might not.

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