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Chrysler's Recalling 160,000 Stalling Pacifica Minivans

Chrysler is having issues with some units of the Pacifica stalling, so it's issued a recall about its minivan.

The problem, which affects 162,508 vrhicles worldwide, stems from the engine control unit, which “may incorrectly assess the engines' operating status,” according to the manufacturer, who adds that “if this occurs, the engine may stall.”

The issue could arise in a wide array of circumstances: when the vehicle is idling, starting, turning, or driving at low and steady speeds. It appears to be limited strictly to conventionally powered 2017 models, and not to the hybrid version.

Of the vehicles being recalled, the vast majority (153,859 units) are located in the United States. Another 7,457 are in Canada, 974 in Mexico and 245 outside of North America.

No injuries related to the issue have been reported so far, with the drivers apparently able to restart the vehicle without difficulty after it stalls. The fix will involve Chrysler's dealers simply reflashing the software.

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