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All These FCA Vehicles Need To Have Their Fire Extinguishers Replaced

Of all the recalls we've seen from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, this one hardly seems the biggest. It “only” affects about 60,000 vehicles, after all. But it's the enormous variety of them that's caught our attention.

The recall's been issued specifically for those vehicles equipped with Kidde fire extinguishers, the nozzles of which could be prone to clogging up or falling off altogether. In either case, they won't be doing their jobs in case, heaven forbid, an actual fire should break out.

FCA apparently fitted the problematic units to certain examples of – deep breath now – the Chrysler Pacifica (2018) and Town & Country (2014-2016); Dodge Caliber (2007), Challenger (2009), Charger (2016), Dart (2015-16), Durango (2004), Grand Caravan (2014-2016), and Journey (2014); Jeep Cherokee (2014-16), Compass (2017), and Patriot (2011); and Ram 1500 (2012, 2015), 2500 (2013-18), 3500 (2012-18), 4500 (2012-18), and 5500 (2012-18), as well as the ProMaster (2014-17), and ProMaster City (2015-17) vans.

Tally up all the models by their model years and you're looking at 55 different vehicles, accounting for 62,042 units in the United States. Rather than call them all into dealers to have those fire extinguishers replaced, though, FCA's instructing owners on how to get in touch with Kiddle for replacement units.

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