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Miss Your Chance For A Maybach S650 Cabrio? This Dealer Has Two

The Mercedes name carries with it a lot of clout. Maybach all the more so. The S650 Cabriolet, then, might be considered the Mercedes of Mercedes – or the Maybach of Maybachs.

Based on the S-Class convertible, the S650 was a highly exclusive set of wheels. It packed the 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine from the AMG S65 into an even more luxurious package.

Only 300 were made, leaving the overwhelming likelihood that you didn't get your hands on one. But if you missed your opportunity the first time around, there are still some to be found on the second-hand market. And this dealer has two.

Listed by Deals on Wheels out of Dubai are two examples of the ultimate drop-top Benz: one in red with a deep brown leather interior, the other in black with red leather. So if you like the color red, it may be a tough choice – both presented in brand-new condition with only delivery miles on the odometer.

Even tougher, though, is the asking price: 1,699,000 Emirati dollars, or roughly $462k at current exchange rates. Of course if that strikes you as pocket change, you could always buy both.

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