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Peugeot Instinct Landaulet Render Looks Properly Presidential

Peugeot unveiled their ultra stylish Instinct Concept during last year's Geneva Motor Show, and since then, we've even learned that several of its styling cues will make the journey over to the all-new 508.

Yet, if you're going to take that type of design and turn it into a four-door saloon, what can be more stylish than a roofless Landaulet version, such as this one drawn up by designer Jo Zechnas.

It presumably features the same suicide doors as the concept, which means no B-pillar. Otherwise, it's all angular lines, wide fenders and an aggressive rear end.

We can easily envision heads of state riding in the back of this car, as well as certain wealthy individuals who wouldn't mind ditching popular luxury badges for something a little bit different.

And if you think this car wouldn't be comfortable enough, we'll remind you that the real-life Instinct concept featured optimized seats that could fully recline in order to help occupants rest while the car was in autonomous mode.



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