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Plymouth Superbird Inspires Dodge Challenger Rendering

Dodge Challengers have grasped a good chunk of the internet these days, especially in Hellcat and Demon guises, unleashed on drag strips, but this rendering is truly something different.

Inspired by the iconic Plymouth Superbird of the 1970s, RainPrisk has imagined it with an almost identical front end and a gigantic rear wing. Moreover, this Dodge Challenger rendering has other mods too, such as the double-vented hood with quick-release, new front bumper with repositioned fog lamps, side exhaust tips, and a set of very special wheels.

For a car made four decades ago, the original Plymouth Superbird had an impressive amount of power: 425 horses, to be more precise, coming from a 7.0-liter supercharged HEMI V8.

Nowadays, the most extreme version of the Dodge Challenger almost doubles it, being good for 840hp in the range-topping Demon model, with race fuel in the tank and the powertrain control module. This allows it to sprint from naught to 60mph (96km/h) in just 2.3 seconds, or 3.2sec faster than the Superbird.

Now, if you're interested in an unrestored Plymouth Superbird, then you should get ready to spend a huge chunk of cash on it, because these examples usually retail in the neighborhood of $200,000, while properly maintained ones tend to double that price. This makes the $84,995 starting price of a new Challenger SRT Demon seem like a bargain, doesn’t it?




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