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Cadillac Dusts Off Escala Concept To Remind Us Of Upcoming CT5, Restyled CT6

Cadillac, Cadillac Concepts, Chicago Auto Show, Concepts, Galleries
If you think the Escala Concept looks very unconventional for a Cadillac, that’s just because the automaker has yet to implement any of its design elements into a production car.

This will definitely change in the next couple of years with the arrival of the revamped CT6 as well as the CT5 midsize saloon. Until then, Chicago Auto Show visitors can admire the impressive concept, while also browsing for some spy images of the CT5 and CT6 to gain more perspective.

The Escala is bigger than the 2018 CT6 saloon, by nearly 6 extra inches (15 cm) in overall length and sports a 5-inch (12.7 cm) longer wheelbase. Power comes from a 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 producing 500 HP, which could end up on some hot version of the CT6, most probably the range-topping CT6-V.

As for the interior, it features light fabrics and polished metal instead of a heavy dose of leather and plastic inserts. The cabin appears to be very airy thanks to the large glass roof, with a very simple yet elegant design.
Cadillac, Cadillac Concepts, Chicago Auto Show, Concepts, Galleries



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