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Renault Planning To Develop EV Mobility Services For Parisians

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France’s capital city and Europe’s leading EV-maker have announced their intention to develop new urban electric mobility services in an attempt to combat challenges like public health, climate change, travel issues, accessibility and economics.

The result of this joint-venture will be the development of connected and autonomous electric vehicles, as Renault will gradually roll out a commercial offer of electric mobility for Parisians, starting this September.

This first offer will feature an electric VTC plan via Marcel from Groupe Renault, a self-service car-sharing EV plan (accessible 24/7 without stations), and self-service EVs operating in a car-sharing loop aimed at longer journeys (also accessible 24/7).

These offers will be based on Renault’s fully electric range, which consists of the ZOE, Twizy, Kangoo van Z.E and Master Z.E. By the end of 2019, these cars will make up a fleet of 2,000 EVs.

The second phase of the plan will consist of an open working group, bringing together major cities and companies with a focus on sustained mobility.

“As the European leader in electric vehicles, Groupe Renault has also been a player in mobility services for several years, notably through Renault Mobility and the Zity car-sharing system in Madrid. Today, we are delighted to be part of the City of Paris’ desire to develop electric mobility for all, which is safe and respectful of the environment. This shared vision launches an ambitious model that can inspire many cities in France and around the world,” stated Renault VP Thierry Bolloré.


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