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When it comes to heavily customized creatures of the road, this E63 BMW M6 is as special as they get thanks to its powerful six-rotor unit that went in place of the stock 5.0-liter V10

The car was built by AJ Racing in South Africa, with the engine being pieced together by KiwiRE, who knows a thing or two about rotary power units. It might not be a traditional choice, but some car enthusiasts really like these types of configurations.

Apparently, the rotary-powered M6 put some 478 horses on the dyno, while revving to 5,500 rpm, barely the tip of the iceberg. KiwiRE is known for building six-rotor motors that push out upwards of 800 HP high up in the rev range, so it's possible similar numbers could be in play here as well.

Aside from the engine mods, we're also dealing with a mighty long list of suspension upgrades, plus 10-piston front brakes, multiple aerodynamic improvements, 19" Rotiform wheels and a custom exhaust.

You can check out the car here, although if you want to know how much it costs, you'll need to contact the owner directly as the price is stated as POA (Price On Application).



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