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While heart transplants are not rare in the automotive world, a face transplant seems somewhat out of place, especially when you're combining a Subaru BRZ and a McLaren 720S.

But just in case some of you have been wondering how the Toyobaru would look like with the front end of the British supercar (which we doubt), WinningDesigns have come up with the answer in the form of a new rendering.

The changes that have been made to the Japanese sports car are obvious, and besides its new face, it has also received wider fenders that make room for new multi-spoke rims, new side skirts, and a rear wing, in addition to a matte grey wrap. Its new design could confuse some into believing that they're looking at yet another facelifted model that fell in the hands of a tuner.

So, what would this Subaru BRZ need in order to be complete? Well, the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that powers the new McLaren 720S would be the obvious answer, but unless someone decides to build it, we'll have to settle for this Ferrari-powered Toyota 86.


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