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Despite being presented for the first time only last week, Renault is already thinking about a new generation Megane RS.

And since it will likely show its fangs next decade, a few years after upcoming derivatives of the current iteration will set new Nurburgring lap records, it will have to be electrified in some way, AutoMarket reports, after talking with the Renaultsport head honcho, Patrice Ratti, in Frankfurt.

"All [Renault] future cars will receive a level of electrification. So, this is probably the last Megane RS to offer a classic petrol engine", Ratti said. "However, this doesn’t mean that the next generation will have both an internal combustion engine, and an electric motor, because there are several possibilities to do this, and the mild hybrid technology is one of them."

The mild hybrid setup works by recuperating some of the otherwise lost energy, and use it as an extra boost, thus making the hot hatch cleaner, and more powerful.

Ratti also confirmed what everyone already knows, since the unveiling of the new Megane RS - a Trophy version of the car, which will debut by the end of next year, whose sole purpose is to shatter the Nurburgring lap record for front-wheel drive production cars.


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